2020 August

2021 Inflation Estimates Guide

To help you prepare for 2021 budgets, MHS partner, CPS is providing guidance for price increases expected in the coming year.

Primary factors to consider when budgeting for purchasing include:

  • Historical price increases
  • Impacts to local, regional, national, and international markets
  • Input from vendors

For a well-rounded approach, CPS considers all of the above factors. Plus, 2021 will have additional complexity due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on our vendors and the economy.

The attached guide can be used to help in planning your 2021 budget whether you are a CPS member or not. CPS is the purchasing service partner that is available to all MHS members, Give Dianne Piet, your MHS dedicated CPS Client Account Manager, a quick phone call at 603-935-7923, or email her at pietdianne@carepurchasing.com, to find out if CPS can save you money.

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