About MHS

Achieve more through faith-based values

As a leader in the health and human services industry, resources and connections help to both achieve the best outcomes for your business and stay true to your organization’s Anabaptist roots.

A network of
inspire unique

Shared values
guide your culture
toward creative

Faith grounded
strategic business
tools and resources

advance your health
and human services

Rely on MHS trusted services for:

As a community, we’ll work together to help build a stronger ministry.

MHS is the go-to leader for integrating faith and work in health and human services.

Anchored in Anabaptist values, MHS inspires and strengthens health and human service ministries to fulfill their missions.

Membership and consulting with MHS is open to not-for-profit organizations in alignment with our guiding Anabaptist values:

  • Justice and dignity for the vulnerable
  • Care of the spirit
  • Reconciliation, hospitality & service
  • Ethical business practices
  • Stewardship of God’s gifts

Not familiar with Anabaptist values?

This brief video can give you a quick overview: