2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Connect, lead and achieve more with shared values and a strong community

MHS Mission Statement

MHS strengthens and extends Anabaptist health and human service ministries in faithfully and effectively fulfilling their missions.

MHS Vision Statement

To be a community of vibrant Anabaptist health and human service ministries committed to God’s work of healing and hope in Jesus Christ.

Shared Values. Trusted Services.

This past year for MHS was one of assessment and strategic alignment.  We asked ourselves are we strategically positioned as a nonprofit Anabaptist association to support the changing dynamics and challenges of our members? 

To answer that question, we undertook a strenuous strategic planning process that involved input and participation from our members, board, staff, and other MHS stakeholders.  The process involved surveys, focus group meetings, organizing a task force on value proposition and an in-person 2-day retreat held in Chicago.  MHS is grateful to the Schowalter Foundation for supporting this dynamic strategic planning process.

Our members are experiencing challenging national trends, greater competition for services, uncertain financial reimbursement, changing demographics, growing disparities in the persons served, continued loosening of church and faith-based institutional relationships, and an increase in affiliations and closures.  Within this dynamic environment, MHS took time to evaluate key communication tools, public relations, member value feedback and our staff configuration in terms of roles and skills.

Three strategic priorities were developed from the strategic planning process.  Those priorities are (1) to define and convey a strong and unique value proposition, (2) to create a clear and defined identity and (3) to grow the MHS consulting business.

After listening to our constituency, we drafted revised MHS mission and vision statements and they appear above.

What remains the same are MHS’s unshakable core values.  In a time of change, we can rely on the foundational underpinnings of our faith and what we value most:

  • Justice and dignity for the vulnerable
  • Care of the spirit
  • Reconciliation, hospitality & service
  • Ethical business practices
  • Stewardship of God’s gifts

These beliefs continue to unify us around a common decision-making approach.  Our values influence our culture and shape our direction.  It is with our mission, vision, values and clear focus that we look to support you, our valued members, as you work toward the fulfillment of your missions. Thank you for inviting MHS into your organization’s journey in 2019.

Karen Lehman, President/CEO
Valerie Rempel, Board Chair

​MHS is a not-for-profit, faith-based, membership organization connecting Anabaptist-related health and human services providers through our shared values to achieve the very best outcomes. Believing that we are stronger together, MHS also offers centralized resources and values-centered consulting services.

MHS Staff

Karen Lehman
Alisa Miller
Managing Director of MHS Consulting, CFO
Clare Krabill
Chief Operating Officer
Twila Albrecht
Member Services Associate
Heather Plunkett
Business Manager / Consultant Associate
Chris Rahe
Public Relations Manager
Jeremy Kauffman
Mim Shirk
President, Anabaptist Providers Group
Ally Lawton
Administrative Coordinator
Diana Podmarkova
Administrative Coordinator, Anabaptist Providers Group

MHS Board

Valerie G. Rempel, Ph.D.​, Board Chair
Dean of the Biblical Seminary and Vice President
Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary
Fresno, California
Edward (Ed) Brubaker, Board Vice Chair
CEO, Living Branches.
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Lowell Peachey, Board Secretary/Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
CEO, Mennonite Friendship Communities, Inc.
South Hutchinson, Kansas
Jenifer (Jen) Foster, Governance Committee Chair
Executive Director, Central California Mennonite Residential Services
Fresno, California
Kerry Hoke, Chair of Commission for Sponsorship
Director of Pastoral Ministries, Messiah Lifeways
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Jodie Smiley, Chair, MHS Consulting Board
Executive Director, Paxton Ministries
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
James Krehbiel
CEO, Bluestem Communities
Hesston, Kansas
Mark Leinbach
Executive Director, Spring Haven
Dundee, Ohio
Larry Miller
Retired, Former CEO, Everence
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Maribel Ramirez Hinojosa
Clinical Psychologist
College Station, Texas
Don Tyson
Professor of Nursing, Eastern Mennonite University
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Ertell Whigham, Jr.
Associate Pastor, Nueva Vida Norristown New Life
Norristown, Pennsylvania

​Purchasing Services

Working with a national purchasing group, Care Purchasing Services, we provide access to purchasing contracts and assistance with service issues. Even employees of our 37 participating member organizations can take advantage of many discounts.

37 MHS members participated in 2019 to save a combined total of $109,292 on $976,493 of purchases. Additionally, members retained $653,980 in therapeutic services through CPS

Medical Expense Plan (MEP)

The Medical Expense Plan (MEP) is a self-funded church plan sponsored by MHS and available to qualified MHS members. The plan encourages member organizations to work together to improve employee health and manage medical expenses.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective employee health benefits to organizations that share common beliefs about stewardship, mutual aid, and community. MHS members seeking a fresh perspective on health are encouraged to consider this plan, where members share cost and responsibility as owners of the MEP.

MEP Financial Distribution to Members

If shared risk claims are lower than expected, employers are eligible to receive distributions of unused funds. Employers benefit from favorable claims experience.

The current members are: Christian Care Retirement Community, Brook Lane, Sunshine, Adriel, MHS, Oaklawn, Greencroft, Pleasant View (VA), The Community at Rockhill, Brewster Place, Rock of Ages (joined late 2019)

Joining the MEP was one of the smartest decisions we have made.

When we received our insurance through a private company, we were at the mercy of their price setting and options for coverage. Because of this, we often changed to follow a good premium price. As a member-owner of the MEP, we have a long-term commitment. Through being part of the Governing Council composed of other members. we have a voice in what kind of benefits we provide to our employees and the ability to make decisions based on what is best for them. Prior to joining the MEP, employees found changing companies to be confusing, and our HR department and I heard constant complaints about insurance. After joining the MEP, when I ask people how the insurance is working for them, they respond that things are going so smoothly.

The mutual aid component of the MEP is very important to us as it helps to control price as well as allowing each of the members to support each other. Being a member of the group has helped us understand insurance much better and to plan what is best for all of us.

Nancy Hopkins-Garriss
Executive Director
Pleasant View, Inc.

Peace Church Insurance Programs

Peace Church Insurance programs are a group of member-owned insurance programs for members of MHS, Fellowship of Brethren Homes and Friends Services Alliance.

Peace Church Health Insurance Program (PCHIP)

PCHIP is a member-owned employee medical benefits program developed by Peace Church organizations to provide an employee medical benefits program superior to their previous health insurance programs.

PCHIP launched in 2013 and produces financial return on premiums paid in and positive human returns with growing engagement in wellness and health risk management initiatives.

Peace Church Property Insurance Trust (PCPIT)

The PCPIT is a fully insured group program offering property, automobile and crime coverages for Peace Church aging services organizations. PCPIT is available to aging services members of MHS, the Fellowship of Brethren Homes and Friends Services Alliance.

Peace Church Risk Retention Group (PCRRG)

PCRRG is a member-owned provider of general and professional liability insurance for Peace Church aging services organizations. A member-elected board engages qualified professionals to provide management and day to day functions. Costs are stabilized through proactive risk management.

Peace Church Workers Safety Program (PCWSP)

PCWSP is a member-owned, self-insured workers compensation program offered to Peace Church-related organizations. Available to Peace Church organizations with workers compensation premiums of at least $50,000 and a willingness to participate in the member commitments to make the program successful.

Bluestem Communities has been very pleased with ​PCHIP

We have been involved with PCHIP basically since the beginning and ultimately we have been very pleased with the experience.

Before, when we would look for health insurance plans, we would look for the best plan at the lowest cost and insurance companies would just tell us what their plan covered. With PCHIP, it’s a more wholistic approach – we can think about what really is best for our employees. We can take a look at where our employees are experiencing frustration and help them.

For example, diabetes is something that must be managed, but many plans don’t cover some of the necessary supplies. But we have the ability to take a look at something and say, “We should cover that 100 percent.” We have the ability to do that with this plan. We can take much more active role.

Clark Roth, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
V.P. of Human Resources
Bluestem Communities


Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2019
Cash and investments $913,375
Accounts receivable and prepaid expenses $138,890
Equipment, net $15,844
Total assets $1,068,109
Total liabilities $96,641
Net Assets
Without donor restrictions $505,760
With donor restrictions $465,708
Total net assets $971,468
Total liabilities and net assets $1,068,109
Consolidated Statement of Activities
Year ended December 31, 2019
Consulting fees $1,067,512
Member services and contracts $1,032,034
Total revenue $2,099,546
Consulting fees $974,091
Member services and contracts $1,060,325
Total expenses $ 2,034,416
Operating Income $65,130
Investment gains $68,845
Increase in net assets $133,975