2021 Annual Report

Letter From Our CEO:

As we faced another year of uncertainty and challenge, MHS worked to nurture the hope that we have in our Anabaptist faith, to focus on strategy and leadership, and to consider the future. At the same time, MHS focused on each unique member’s mission and vision! Each member organization dug even deeper for resiliency and creativity to address pandemic-related issues.

Bringing people together to network, share ideas, discover ways to partner and work together, and learn new and innovative ways to further member ministries is one of the primary purposes of MHS.  

Developing a new virtual Health Assembly platform, increasing webinar offerings, adding more faith-grounded content, creating a virtual leadership development program, and expanding virtual networking opportunities were ways that MHS responded to member needs for support.  

MHS put great value in listening to members and determining if there are ways to adapt or change to meet their needs in 2021. We began a study of the MHS membership model in 2019 to consider the different levels of member engagement. We knew that MHS members find varying levels of value for their membership fees. There are several member-owned and member-participant programs that MHS sponsors or supports. These programs regularly provide savings and distribution back to the member.  For some programs and services financial returns can be greater than MHS membership dues. Others do not have the same return.  MHS added additional membership levels to allow for these varying benefits.  

The pandemic delayed the onset of the new MHS membership levels to 2021, and MHS members fully embraced these changes. As a result, some MHS members will pay less for their annual membership, decreasing overall MHS revenues. MHS anticipated and planned for these changes and was able to adjust the budget accordingly.  

Through regular engagement and MHS member input, a greater focus on employee engagement, recruitment, and retention will continue as a high priority. MHS will also continue its focus on governance best practices and leadership development, areas that we have continued to develop throughout the last year.   

The pandemic, the employment crisis, and other challenges MHS members are addressing will continue to have significant strategic implications for MHS members. Our Anabaptist faith and the unique collaborations and solutions members enjoy within our association will continue to strengthen each member organization. A strong community leads to a strong ministry! 

On behalf of the MHS Board of Directors, and the entire MHS team, we thank you for your engagement with us. We pledge to work creatively and strategically every day to maintain your trust and deserve your membership commitment. 

Karen Lehman
President/CEO, MHS

Member Resources & Programs

Network Groups were an opportunity to share knowledge while connecting with your peers in MHS organizations.

MHS provided 16 webinars in 2021 on various topics including strategic planning, retention, and workforce development.

18 MHS Member CEOs, Board Members, Partners, and MHS staff provided their experiences and insights for On Leading.

Assessments tools helped align your organizational needs and strategies to your mission.

107 attendees joined virtually to gather, engage, and learn.

13 leaders from MHS Member organizations joined our inaugural a-lead group.

2021 MHS Staff

Jeremy Kauffman
Managing Director,
MHS Consulting
Karen Lehman
MHS President / CEO
Cynthia Miller
Executive Coordinator
Heather Plunkett
Consulting Associate,
MHS Consulting
Gloria Schroeder
Director of Finance
Clare Krabill
COO / MEP Managing Director
Nick Matthews
Communications and Program Director
Riley Mills
Communications and Program Associate
Diana Podmarkova
Administrative Coordinator, APG
Mim Shirk
President/CEO, APG

2021 MHS Board

Edward (Ed) Brubaker
Board Vice Chair
CEO, Living Branches
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Kerry Hoke
Chair of Commission for Sponsorship
Director of Pastoral Ministries, Messiah Lifeways
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Mark Leinbach
Executive Director, Spring Haven
Dundee, Ohio
Larry Miller
Chair of Finance Committee
Retired, Former CEO, Everence
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Valerie G. Rempel, Ph.D.​
Board Chair
Director of Accreditation, The Association of Theological Schools
Fresno, California
Roy Teramoto
Medical Officer for Phoenix Area Indian Health Service

Phoenix, Arizona
Jenifer (Jen) Foster
Governance Committee Chair
Executive Director, Central California Mennonite Residential Services
Fresno, California
James Krehbiel
CEO, Bluestem Communities
Hesston, Kansas
Jerry Lile
CEO, Fairmount Homes
Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Maribel Ramirez Hinojosa
Clinical Psychologist
College Station, Texas
Jodie Smiley
Chair, MHS Consulting Board
Executive Director, Paxton Ministries
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Don Tyson
Professor of Nursing, Eastern Mennonite University
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Peace Church Insurance Programs

Peace Church Insurance programs are a group of member-owned insurance programs for members of MHS, Fellowship of Brethren Homes, and Friends Services Alliance. These programs include Peace Church Health Insurance Program (PCHIP), Peace Church Property Insurance Trust (PCPIT), Peace Church Risk Retention Group (PCRRG), and Peace Church Workers Safety Program (PCWSP).

PCHIP covered approximately 2,800 people in 2021 and total Subscribers Savings Account (SSA) allocations are about $2.8 million to date. PCRRG had total cash dividends of $19,217,734 and a total amount allocated to SSA’s of $14,345,794. PCWSP total premium is approximately $3.6M and the total SSA allocation to date is $1.8M.

The Medical Expense Plan (MEP) is a self-funded church plan sponsored by MHS since the mid-1980s and is available to qualified MHS members. The plan encourages member organizations to work together to improve employee health and manage medical expenses.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective employee health benefits to organizations that share common beliefs about stewardship, mutual aid, and community. MHS members seeking a fresh perspective on health insurance are encouraged to consider this plan, where members share cost and responsibility as owners of the MEP.

Group Purchasing Options (GPOs)

MHS membership grants access to two group purchasing organizations (Care Purchasing Services and Alliance Purchasing Network). Employees of our participating member organizations can take advantage of many discounts.

In 2021, MHS members now have access to two GPOs:

2021 Financial Summary

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2021
Cash and investments$2,001,373
Accounts receivable and prepaid expenses$45,591
Equipment, net$8,536
Total Assets$2,055,500
Total liabilities$157,514
Net Assets 
Without donor restrictions$1,306,472
With donor restrictions$591,514
Total net assets$1,897,986
Total liabilities and net assets$2,055,500
Consolidated Statement of Activities
Year ended December 31, 2021
Consulting fees$1,181,776
Member services and contracts$863,382
Total revenue$2,045,158
Consulting fees$716,840
Member services and contracts$970,375
Total expenses$1,687,215
Operating income$357,943
Investment gains$126,853
Increase in net assets$484,796