2020 September

CARES Act Stimulus Funding Audit Requirements. Are you prepared?

Dianne Piet

Webinar: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 @ 1 pm CST

Many of you have not undergone this level of detailed audit before! Even if your organization has been through a standard GAAP audit, these requirements are far more demanding and you need to be prepared. Whether you are a for profit or non-for-profit entity, you will be subject to these audit requirements.

Don’t miss out on this upcoming webinar by Mueller Prost, a CPS vendor partner. Tiffany Karlin, Partner, Consulting Services and Director of Healthcare, and the Mueller Prost team have developed a COVID-19 Resource Center and have been helping organizations navigate this uncertain financial environment. You can expect this webinar to be dynamic and provide great information, such as how to track funds and costs related to the Cares Act. Get registered for the webinar today, click here. To learn more about Mueller Prost and the full range of professional tax, audit, accounting and consulting services, give me a call, Dianne Piet, your dedicated CPS Client Account Manager. 603-935-7923, email: pietdianne@carepurchasing.com.

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