2020 July

Lower Utility Bills to Offset COVID-19 Expenses?

Dianne Piet, your MHS dedicated CPS Client Account Manager
Dianne Piet, your MHS dedicated CPS Client Account Manager

With the multifaceted utility rate structures, incentive programs, rebates, tax credits, industry specific billing codes, meter readings and more – utilities are complex! Extensive knowledge of the utility industry’s billing process, as well as the local and state programs, is essential to effectively review your utility bills. With this amount of complexity, a small overpayment can easily go unnoticed until it is incorporated into your monthly utility budget for many years. Care Purchasing Services (CPS) has utility vendors that can execute comprehensive utility bill audits, make and implement recommendations to reduce your future utility bills and receive refunds on past charges and deliver full service consultations.

Don’t let the process of selecting a vendor detour you from these utility savings. Give Dianne Piet, your MHS dedicated CPS Client Account Manager, a quick phone call and she will guide you to the vendor(s) applicable to your state and best suits your needs. Dianne Piet phone: 603-935-7923, email: pietdianne@carepurchasing.com.

Natural Gas, Electricity and Water

AUTA Corporation is an energy sales tax consulting firm. They specialize in establishing the lowest sales tax rate on natural gas, electricity, and water accounts for Profit and Non-Profit Communities. [Learn more…]

Titan Energy is an independent energy consultancy group with in-depth knowledge of energy procurement, demand-side management and on-site generation services. Titan Energy creates comprehensive energy management strategies backed by data to control and reduce energy costs. [Learn more…]

Utility Refund Agency is the leading bill review company with in-depth and insider knowledge of the utility billing process combined with a proprietary review process. [Learn more…]

Waste Management

Refuse Specialists (RS) is a full service waste and recycling resource that focuses on increasing hauler/recycler bill accuracy, elevating visibility, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs. We are not waste haulers ~ we manage waste contractors, applying a powerful Big-Data approach to get the best prices, secure favorable contractual terms, audit invoices electronically, and provide comprehensive reporting using the RS proprietary workflow management software, ProRefuse™, so you can better manage the waste aspect of your operations with ease. RS’ objective is to save you 30% or more on your trash bills. [Learn more…]

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