MHS Innovation Grant

Are you looking for a resource to fund a new and innovative program to enhance the mission of your organization? Consider applying for an MHS Innovation Grant.

The application window for 2022 is now closed. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to MHS by phone or with questions.

A total of $4,000 will be awarded to one or more MHS member organizations. Awardees will be announced during the closing session of Mennonite Health Assembly.

Grant criteria:

  1. Limit of one application per MHS member organization.
  2. Fund new innovations that will enhance your organization’s mission. Efforts with the greatest impact on your mission will be given preference.
  3. Used for small projects, pilot projects, new programs and opportunities for learning or educational development.
  4. Funds may not to be used to cover employee salary or benefits,capital improvements and endowments.
  5. Efforts that support diversity, equity and inclusion will be given preference.
  6. Efforts that demonstrate alignment with and/or support of Anabaptist faith and values will be given preference.
  7. Applicant agrees to provide an impact report on the project and use of grant funds, if awarded, prior to December 31, 2022.
  8. Applicant agrees to allow MHS to provide information about the grant to your organization on the MHS website and MHS marketing materials at MHS’ discretion.
  9. Application must be fully completed and all supporting documents provided by the close of the application window in order to be considered by the grant committee.

Grant applications will be reviewed and grantees selected by the MHS Grant and Scholarship Committee. Committee members are: Larry Guengerich, Landis Communities; Maribel Ramirez Hinojosa, MHS Board Member; Clare Krabill, MHS and committee chair; Karen Lehman, MHS; Kristin Thim, Living Branches; and Donald Tyson, MHS Board Member.

Questions regarding the grant may be answered on our FAQ Page. Questions not answered there may be directed to

Click here to see past recipients of the MHS Innovation Grant.