Innovation Grant FAQs

Q. What is the purpose of the MHS Innovation Grant?
A. To provide seed money to fund a new and innovative program to enhance the mission of MHS member organizations.

Q. When may I apply?
A. The application window is open between Monday, December 12, 2022 through Monday, February 6, 2023.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Applications may be accessed on the MHS website.

Q. Does my organization need to be an MHS member to apply?
A. Yes. Applications will only be accepted by MHS members.

Q. Who do I direct questions to about the grant?
A. Please email questions to

Q. How large of a grant may I apply for?
A. You may apply for up to $4,000. A total of $4,000 will be awarded to one or more MHS member organizations.

Q. When will the grant recipients be announced?
A. Awardees will be announced during Mennonite Health Assembly. 

Q. May I submit more than one grant application for my organization?
A. No. Each organization is limited to one application.

Q. What can the grant be used to fund?
A. New innovations that will enhance your organization’s mission, including small projects, pilot projects, new programs and opportunities for learning or educational development.

Q. What can the grant NOT be used to fund?
A. Employee salary or benefits, capital improvements and endowments.

Q. What makes my application most competitive?
A. The following grant submissions will be given preference:

  • Projects with the greatest potential to impact your mission and vision
  • Efforts that demonstrate alignment with and/or support of Anabaptist faith and values
  • Efforts that support diversity, equity and inclusion

Q. Is there a Word document I can access to fill out the grant application ahead of filling out and submitting the application form?
A. Yes. Click here to download the Grant Application Word document.

Q. What are my responsibilities if my organization receives a grant?
A. Grant recipient provides an impact report to on the project and use of grant funds prior to December 31, 2023.

Q. What if my submitted application is incomplete?
A. Applications must be fully completed and all supporting documents provided by the close of the application window in order to be considered for a grant.

Q. How do I know my grant application was received?
A. Immediately following the submission of your grant application, you should receive an email response in your inbox indicating your application has been received.