2020 April

Slack is Anything But

By Twila Albrecht, Member Services Associate

Twila Albrecht

In response to stay-at-home orders, MHS staff have taken to their bedrooms, back porches, and basements for work. As for me, my living room has been transformed into an office complete with a standing desk, two monitors, and all of my two files from the MHS office.

I feel fortunate that I have everything that I need to do my job well from home.

I feel fortunate that I have a job.

And, despite the anxiety that accompanies this crisis, I’m grateful for a team that quickly embraced the necessary changes. While some MHS staff typically work remotely, our office adopted some additional tools to help us navigate the unforeseeable future.

In addition to more frequent Zoom meetings, our team adopted Slack – a digital workspace that allows teams to chat, share files, create various channels for projects, and connect email and calendar notifications. We can also create custom emoji’s, which, quite frankly, is really cute and fun.

Yes, I do miss being in the office with my co-workers. Yet, Slack has been an awesome resource for us, and there are so many aspects of it that we have yet to tap into. It’s a tool that we’ll continue to use even as we change our status back to “in the office.”

Slack goes beyond serving as an infrastructure for communicating remotely. As their blog makes evident, team building isn’t just an aspect of their work, it’s at the center. I’ve enjoyed some recent articles, and would encourage you to check them out as a resource for your team!

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