Valued Leadership

Leading with Anabaptist Values

Kristen M. Heisey, VP of Strategic Development and Marketing at Messiah Lifeways, talks about the effect of Anabaptist Values on the Culture of her organization.


Why Valued Leadership?

Because the healthiest organizations live their values and value skilled, soulful, active leadership.


An Anabaptist heritage offers your organization a head start on values key to organizational health, and maybe a few blind spots too!

How To Use This Site

Valued Leadership offers personal and group learning, interaction, and reflection designed to fit your life.

Explore the 4Cs

Everyday Leadership guided by Anabaptist values


Be open to growing, embrace your convictions and gifts, and treat others the way you would like to be treated


Create more community, hear differing perspectives, develop a shared vision, and work together


Intentionally agree how to live and work together, and pay close attention to whether words and actions match.


Recognize that things can be different, articulate a vision, and inspire participation on a journey of change.

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Discover how others are using the 4Cs to lead with Anabaptist values

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