Leading with Anabaptist Values

Building Character by “Sharing Life Honestly Together”

Be open to growing, embrace your convictions and gifts, and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

How Values Shape an Organization’s Culture

Intentionally agree how to live and work together, and pay close attention to whether words and actions match.

Navigating Collaborative Decision Making

Create more community, hear differing perspectives, develop a shared vision, and work together.

Managing Change through Employee Empowerment

Recognize that things can be different, articulate a vision, and inspire participation on a journey of change.

  • Leaders Have a Due Responsibility
    Rod Mason,Executive Director, Swiss Village, Berne, IN “As a leader within a faith-based organization, I truly feel that I have been ‘called’ to this ministry. Because of that calling, I firmly believe that leaders have a due responsibility to test… Continue Reading…
  • Courage to Address Difficult Situations
    Curt Stutzman,Curt Stutzman, President/CEO, Messiah Lifeways, Mechanicsburg, PA “Soon after entering the senior living field 18 years ago, at a previous organization we began a campus expansion that resulted in significant financial pressure. As a result, we had to modify resident… Continue Reading…
  • This Change is Widely Appreciated
    Patricia Y. Leaman,Board Chair, Mennonite Home Communities, Lancaster, PA “About 5 years ago at a retreat our board of directors learned about the home-based model of care for residents in skilled nursing. We were in the process of remodeling our… Continue Reading…
  • Being Intentional About our Identity
    Tim Wiens,Executive Director, Jubilee Association of Maryland “Jubilee has always been known as a Mennonite organization, but in recent years we have become more explicit in talking to potential and existing employees about our identity as a faith-based organization and… Continue Reading…
  • Vision Without Egos
    Karen Lehman, President/CEO, MHS “Many years ago I was part of a group interested in starting an elder college concept. The variety of ideas, the willingness to listen to each other, and the openness of all the participants to providing… Continue Reading…