How to Use This Site

Leading with Anabaptist Values

The site can be used by individuals, teams, and boards to learn more about how Anabaptist values might be integrated in leadership practices and organizational life.

For example, an individual leader may wish to consider engaging the content in 30-minute increments, setting aside at least 15 of those minutes for reflective action: thinking, journaling, or having a one-to-one conversation with a colleague sparked by a featured video, discussion question, or story. It’s reflective professional development designed to fit your life! Please customize and contextualize Valued Leadership as you bring your experience and imagination to it.

Groups, such as leadership teams and boards, may wish to use one or more of the 4Cs as part of a reflection/devotional warm-up, part of the orientation process, or when reflecting on organizational values, mission and vision.

The site can also be helpful as an introduction for persons for whom Anabaptist values are new. It can offer foundational exploration for those considering serving with Anabaptist-related organizations.

Be sure to note the Resources section that includes additional materials on each of the 4Cs as well as related information on Anabaptist history, theology, and issues.