2020 NovemberYour Words

Your Words Responses for November

What Are You Thankful For?

I am thankful for both positive and negative opportunities to more fully embrace the growing edges of my leadership skills.

Missy Kauffman Schrock Center for Healing & Hope, Executive Director

Good leadership during difficult times. This is a period of great challenges but also great opportunity. It takes good and thoughtful leaders to help us through the former while leaning in to the latter.

Mark Regier, Center for Healing & Hope Board Chair

I am thankful for co-workers with a strong sense of TEAM. Working together in harmony is so much more productive than each one working only for themselves.

Dan Kauffman, Mennonite Friendship Community Director of Environmental Services

These days, I am thankful for a caring community that meets virtually and sometimes physically. I am aware of these global connections and conversations which keep me focused on the innovative possibilities and doable as an adaptive leader. It keeps my spirit saying, “yes, I can!” In a time of racial injustice and economic disparities, I am thankful for a teachable spirit, an ear to listen, and a gentle heart that is in tune to God’s Spirit that leads us collectively to level and just places for everyone (Psalm 143:10). These trusting relationships energize me in my creative community work. Together, we help one another breathe and hope even as we face the difficult days ahead of us.

Lori J. Witmer, Menno Haven, Inc. Executive Director of Spiritual Care

The Light that shines in the darkness; that grounds and sustains and encourages in surprising ways.

Gail Graber, Bethesda Home Chaplain

Generous donors who believe in our mission, love our organization, and appreciate the work of staff to keep them safe during the pandemic.

Amy Cummings-Leight, Frederick Mennonite Community DBA Frederick Living Director of Advancement

I am extremely thankful for a Board that is very considerate of our resident’s needs and the needs of our staff. They are very supportive and helpful throughout the year and I know they are praying for our property. I thank God for them.

Cheryl Luli, Harmony Village, Inc. Project Administrator

The sustaining and keeping power of our God during a time of chaotic turbulent divisive politics with a threatening pandemic all around us.

Warren Tyson, Frederick Living Board Chair

I’m thankful for a dedicated team at Landis Communities, guiding the organization through this challenging COVID time, but also keeping their sights on the long term values, mission, and plans for the organization.

Allon Lefever, Landis Communities, Lancaster, PA Board Chair

It’s been a stressful year, but I am thankful I can work in a Christian environment where I can openly pray and I am thankful for a great team that displays Christ-like values. I am also thankful for the residents that call Fairmount home!

Jerry Lile, Fairmount Homes President/CEO

God’s guidance in my life for 59 years. I am so grateful.

Leland Sapp, Peaceful Living CEO

I am truly thankful for the extraordinary team members I have the privilege to work with every day in the execution of our mission. Our residents are the reason I am in this business and the team continuously confirms that commitment.

David A. Gentry, Menno Haven, Inc. CFO

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