2020 OctoberYour Words

Your Words Responses

“Get to know people without being swayed by the negative opinions of others.”

Missy Kauffman Schrock, Center for Healing & Hope Executive Director

“Always lead by example”

Mary Scott, Mennonite Village-Lydia’s House Administrator

“Even younger team members will be given extensive opportunities as the Boomers retire. Take it and run with it!”

Larry Guengerich, Landis Communities Director of Organizational Communications/Church Relations

“Learning is key. Learn the keys to succeed at the next level up, at the level you want to get to, and learn the tools needed to be the person you aspire to be. Learning is a gift that stays with you.”

Nicholas Hankins, Upland Manor Executive Director

“Hold your principles, live your passion, share your joy”

John Hendrickson, Frederick Living CEO

“Be brave and face new challenges by engaging with the perspective of others. Don’t get stuck in your own thinking when there is much to be gained by understanding others.”

Heather Hinkle, Frederick Community College Education Program Coordinator

“Develop a strong and reliable network of professionals who can support you with mentoring, role modeling and providing business & professional opportunities.”

Karen Lehman, Mennonite Health Services CEO

“Be creative in your thinking, be responsible in your decisions, be bold and visionary as you lead organizations.”

Warren Tyson, Frederick Living Board Chair

“Walk through each day facing challenges and making decisions KNOWING that Jesus is leading and holding your right hand! (Is 41:13)”

Dan Kauffman, Mennonite Friendship Community Director of Environmental Services

“Always maintain your integrity!”

Clare Krabill, Mennonite Health Services COO

“Don’t limit the possibilities of the future by looking too long at the past. (See 2 Corinthians 5:7)”

Sarah Byerly, Messiah Lifeways Director of IS

“Accept your role as a leader and not be limited by the constraints of process. There is a place for listening, learning, and affirming but just as important is the need to make decisions with clarity and certainty in a timely way.”

Gerald Kaufman, Kaufman Counseling Associates Author and retired counselor

“Leadership at it’s core is presenting the ongoing invitation to others to employ their gifts within a framework of core values, vision and mission for the joint pursuit and accomplishment of worthwhile goals. When you clearly name these components: gifts, values and goals, and provide regular feedback in open dialogue, powerful outcomes are possible.”

Jen Foster, CCMRS Executive Director

“A critical piece of leadership is assuring that each person understands the importance of participation in the process. Leaders need engaged followers.”

Bill Braun, Sierra View Homes, Inc. Chair of the Board

“Makes sure you know the facts before you react!”

Leland Sapp, Peaceful Living CEO

“Always keep the needs of people above the fiscal bottom line.”

Richard O’Hara, Frederick Living Director of Spiritual Ministries

“Work at being non-anxious.”

Myron J Weaver, OrrVilla Retirement Community Executive Director

“Never be afraid to recruit and hire people smarter than yourself.”

Ann Marks, Frederick Living Vice President Health and Wellness

“Fine tune your deep listening skills.”

Don Tyson, EMU Professor of Nursing & MSN Program Director

“Nurture your relationship with Jesus so you are in tune with Holy Spirit promptings as you lead.”

John Sauder, Mennonite Home Communities President

“Be your authentic self in representing why you believe in your organization’s mission and donors will appreciate it.

Amy Cummings-Leight, Frederick Living Director of Advancement

Love everyone – you lead with the love of the Christ!”

Randy Murray, OrrVilla Retirement Community chaplain

“We all put our pants on the same way… by jumping in them.”

Ally M Lawton, Mennonite Health Services Administrative Coordinator

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